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Of Cowboys and Indians by Eirieniel Of Cowboys and Indians by Eirieniel

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on Ao3:…

...I have never attempted to write an actual relationship, but since this is fanfic I might just get away with simply drowning you in fluff :XD:

Also, I'm not a native speaker of the English tongue. So I'd be happy if someone volunteered to beta-read this story.

The basic idea (kid!Dean likes playing cowboy and meets kid!Cas who for some reason has decided that he is actually Native American) came from late-night Destiel fanfic reading coupled with episode #70 of "Thrilling Adventure Hour" (so cute! earworms!) and a dose of Good Omens.

From there it was just spinning cute scenes, puzzling them into a coherent plotline, fleshing out some and weeding out others. I have always been more or less indifferent towards cowboys and Co., but I was writing kids so I just took the most cartoonish stereotypes I could think of and used them as meat on the bones of my story. Then I went back and knitted in all those fun Supernatural quotes and references because I love that in fanfics. I remodeled the playground conversation quite a bit after I realized that I could actually have them sit on those benches! Like in the show! Yay!

At some point Pocahontas became a pivotal point in Dean's life (I don't know why, I certainly didn't mean to since the thing I remember most about that movie was that I didn't particularly like it) and I randomly decided that I wanted Dean to be 8 years old then.

Some quick googling told me that Dean was therefore only one year older than me, so I then went back and carefully funnelled all my happiest childhood memories and impressions about growing up in the '90s around the story. However, doing so in East Germany was probably very different from the US (e.g. I remember heating with coal, but every 4-year-old knows more about Thanksgiving than me...) so I apologize for inaccuracies and again ask for a beta-reader who knows this stuff.

The hardest thing (besides my optimistic guess as to what "developing a relationship" might look like) was to make kid!Cas talk. I wanted him to use a weird mix of child talk ("MILLIONS OF HUNDREDS OF YEARS!"), normal speech picked up from everyone in his house because they're all older than him and the strangely formal/archaic phrases he uses because he has decided that's what Native Americans should sound like (and make him sound more like the original Cas from the show).

Also hard was changing the narrator's tone to fit Dean's age. Let me know if I succeded.

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